Prison food

Prison food

Once a man is convicted into Prison he is subjected to many problems which effect his wellbeing and health.  One of them is the food he is provided with. Most convicts are not delighted with the food from outside except on holidays for example Eid or a Jewish food feast. On average a prison catering manager has about £1.87 to provide meals for each inmate every day according to a blog called food reference, the authors is Bill Robinson, HM Prison Governor (retired). We see that only for a small price prisoners are fed. People ask what people eat in Prison. According to a Wikipedia page average prisoner has a 3 day cycle for food so not every day a prisoner would eat the right food.  Some prisons give breakfast pacts in the morning it includes the following:

The prison gives a clear plastic bag containing four loose tea bags, four small sugar sachets, four packets of whitener and a tiny bag of cereal, porridge oats or muesli.

An example of what prisoners might eat on one day:



  • Vegetable supreme
  • Chicken supreme
  • Halal chicken curry
  • Grilledgammon
  • Pork pie salad


The prison system has changed over time very recently because of the diverse population of prisoners. We have even seen the change of diet for food and decrease of fried food.


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