Factual Writing


Man with shotgun marches down London Street

Published: 14:40, 8 September 2016

The Purpose behind this factual writing is to inform people about events that took place in a part of London. In general Factual writing is informing people with facts and real life things.  Generally factual writing is unbiased. However in this case it is biased against the criminal who attacked to innocent pedestrians.

The message with in the writing is very clear it states an incident that happened in Brixton. It talks about the horror of the incident. It also sends a message to readers to help local authorities to apprehend the suspects. It outlines this by stating “WHO ARE THE SUSPECTS? POLICE WANT TO SPEAK TO 3 MEN”. This shows us that the writer encourages people to contact the police.

The writing itself explains a lot even though it’s short. It pinpoints when the situation occurs it protects the incidents of the victims. The subject is treated professionally and respects the victims. It also tries to help with the situation by asking readers to help investigators.

In the article it shows a video of what happens. The article is based around the footage which captures everything that happens. The video and the article is very similar. The sources used was from authentic places such as hospital records. The writer also quotes official police statements.

The language used is formal and clear. The article is very well explained. The communication between the article and the reader is clear. It includes all the important things that happen and keeps the readers informed.

The illustrations used where screenshots from released footages of what happened that day. The photos have been edited and captions asks the reader to tell the police if they recognise any of the suspects.

Legal issues that the article takes to consideration is not mentioning the names of the people who were injured or showing their identities in the video.













“Obama stands up for Clinton”

In this article, the writer writes the views of the current president Barrack Obama regarding Donald Trump. The writing shows how Obama has support for white house nominee Hillary Clinton. The message within the article points out how Obama is endorsing Hillary and saying she is fit to be his successor.

The article is very accurate because it quotes the president in his interview. It also commentates on his quotes explaining further his views and future actions. You would also know the writing to be accurate because it reference’s previous news such as Hillary Clinton being diagnosed with Pneumonia.

The writing is biased in favour of the Democratic Party. We see this with some words that are in favour of Clinton such as “blasted” this shows that the writer feels more open to the democrats then the republicans. The way the bias writing effects the article is by making it one sided. There is no sentence which shows the response from Donald trump who was “blasted” by Obama. The way it was written can be overlooked. However the article is about Obama so it is centred on his views.

The language used is very powerful and harsh. For example a sentence in the article uses words that describe how predators attack their prey. “Barack Obama ripped into Donald trump…” This quote shows how devastating Obama’s verbal attack was on Donald trump. It makes the audience read on to see what Obama said.

Illustrations can show the reactions of people. It can be effective to show how people responded. The use of the picture shows Obama during his solo camera appearance. The picture reassures the reader that the article is written from Obamas prospective. The picture can also grab the reader’s attention because the picture is of Obama who is a leader of a country and he holds influence over people.

The way the article is designed is very similar to other articles. It has a bold black title on top of the article. The article also has a picture which has a caption next to it.  Even though the article is small it can still gain a reader’s attention. It uses 3 well know names in one sentence. It’s small and brief and can be over read. However the title and illustration can still grab attention.

The writer keeps his article legal and does not involve controversial topics with his writings. The writer does not name children in his article or family members in his work. This is very important because people can sue the newspaper or the writer for it. The writer does not criticise Trump a lot because it could cause problems. However he uses quotes from Barak Obama instead. The quotes the writer uses is in favour of Barak Obama.









Local garden party

Walthamstow garden party leaflet was made to inform people about an event which is aimed at people in the Waltham forest community.

The message within the leaflet is very clear it tells the reader that there is an event for people from all types of ethnicities. It mentions different music artists as well as activities people can go to. It also talks about its free.

The writing does not give a lot of information and it’s very brief. It does not explain age restriction or activities for children. It does however explain the location and what the main activities are.  It focus on informing people that there are wide range of activities.

The writing seems very accurate. It gives dates as well as locations that exist. They show their twitter and Facebook accounts. They also have a website to show announcements however the reader would need to sign up to see updates and a festival guide.

The writing is not biased because it is information about an event that is going to take place. The writing is only stain facts and it does not have a hidden agenda and it is straightforward giving the details.

The language used is formal but very relaxed and open. Only a few paragraphs used to explain the leaflet. This is effective because people don’t like reading long complicated leaflets because it puts them off.

On both sides of the leaflet there are illustrations. The picture on the front side shows the crowd. This shows the reader how many people visit this event and it shows how big the event is going to be. On the leaflet the editor places flowers with bright colours linking it to a “garden” party in the Heading this is because typically there are flowers in gardens. On the other side of the leaflet the picture design is very clever because on the bottom u see a child running and people relaxing. This shows that the event is open for all ages as well as people can relax and enjoy themselves. Another point would be how the editor used the open blue sky for the text. This can also reflect the weather and the mood of things on the day.

The style in which the leaflet was made only uses a few basic colours. This is effective because sometimes to many colours might gain a reader’s attention but it can still put some readers off. The colours are effective because it shows the how the event would be like. The colours can still grab people’s attention even if it’s not bright. It’s an A5 sheet which is easy to carry and keep. The size of writing is balanced and easy to read.

Legal issues the writer and photographer should consider is talking pictures of people with permission. If without permission the organisers could get sued or problems would occur for future events. The writer uses legal addresses and mentions all organises and fundraisers.


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