New Year edition/Syria Aleppo crisis


Syria Aleppo crisis

After 6 years of the Syrian conflict, and the world watching as numerous factions fight for a land engulfed by war, Syria has been left in ruins. At the heart of it all Aleppo, once a great historic city and the economic hub for Syria, has been a battle ground since the Arab spring protests in 2011.

The fighting mainly happened during 2012 and a year later the rebels were able to surround the pro-government areas when fighting in Aleppo. The rebels were able to push the regime into western Aleppo creating a mini siege from the northern countryside as well as the eastern Aleppo part of the city. The rebel held parts of the city were reported being mainly dominated by “Islamist” fighters. Which apparently is the reason why rebel held areas had short skirmishes which caused problems. On the other hand Assad’s regime looked as if they were going to lose Aleppo. However In 2014 huge infighting between rebels as well as the emergence of Isis caused Assad to take back parts of north east Aleppo.  Also Russian backed airstrikes caused rebels to lose land quickly. Which then caused the siege of East Aleppo.  Russian intervention alongside foreign Shia fighters also pushed rebels back in many areas. The siege of Aleppo seemed to be over when rebels lead a full on assault linking rebel held west Aleppo to the east on the iconic Castello road. Russia then pushed on a full on offensive taking back land lost. Destroying the link between east and west Aleppo. They then pushed further into east Aleppo. The crisis of Aleppo was officially known after this. Supplies were being held back and international organisations were getting involved. Many refugees were desperate to leave as Russian led deaths where increasing. Questions were being asked around Russia’s methods of attacks, mainly after causing three thousand or more deaths.  Assad’s forces were being accused of many crimes as well as breaching many planned ceasefires. Russia and Turkey agreed upon a deal that civilians and fighters would be evacuated to Idlib. However this deal was short lived and civilians were told to go back and indiscriminate bombings began to kill more people. Then another deal was made that civilians and fighters would be evacuated to Idlib the last rebel stronghold. The deal was also made that Shia residents move to Fu’aa a known Assad stronghold near Idlib. Assad’s forces took over Aleppo city and hailed the biggest victory which could end the war.


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