News article/ Westminster Attack

During the afternoon at 2.40pm on Wednesday 22nd of March an individual by the name of Khalid Masood, accelerated driving hired Hyundai SUV at high speeds ramming down people on the Westminster Bridge. Three people were murdered and a victim was thrown into the river. The attacker smashed his car into parliament railings and advanced towards the entrance of the Westminster palace. Mr Masood proceeded to attack two unarmed officers patrolling the yard. An armed officer then shot the attacker. The attacker was killed due to his injury and one of the officers Pc Keith Palmer who was stabbed died as well. The blunt and merciless attack caused the death of 5 people to die including the attacker and 50 people were injured.

The attack caused a shock to people living in London as well as Europe. People were confused and were not sure what happened. The BBC reported that a ‘fire arms incident’ happened in Westminster. The attacker was not identified and was mistaken for Abu Izzaden a hate preacher who was in jail for attempting to travel to Syria he was arrested in Hungary.  Simon Israel a journalist for Channel 4 news retracted his statement after it was made known to him that Abu Izzaden or Trevor Brooks was still in Jail.

After one or two day’s police reported the name of the killer as Adrian Elms however he had many aliases for example as his Muslim name of Khalid Masood. The “Islamic state” accepted responsibility of the Attack.  Mr Masood was born in Dartford in Kent on Christmas Day 1964. He was a married father of three who spent many years moving around the country as well as different prisons. He had a history of violent crimes which included knife possession. After many years of criminality Adrian Elms converted to Islam and adopted the name of Khalid Masood. He was known to security services for violent extremism but he was never seen as a threat. The attack was not on the radar of the security services because he was not on surveillance.

A number of arrests were made across the country and huge amounts of items were seized. The police have stated that they have found no evidence or link between the attacker and the “Islamic state”.  A debate has been started because intelligence services cannot access the attacker’s WhatsApp’s account.

After the attack, Londoners and people across the UK united on twitter against racism and got together to stand for unity and solidarity for the victims.


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