Social media and politics

Social media and politics

After the steady rise of social media and the world being well connected online, politics has now been forever changed. We have seen the recent change after the U.S election. We saw how president Tump used twitter to convey his message. He used social media to his advantage against then democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and won the election.

As social media has connected people from all over the world it has created many problems and solutions for people. Governments can contact other governments and people using a comfortable platform. It can help journalists expose stories that need to be heard. The problem with social media is that everything is saved and a small mistake can be used against anyone. It is easy to hack into accounts using certain apps or software. People can also use social media for criminal activities. For example In Libya a Facebook page was used to sell weapons to warring factions. This incident is one of many across the world.

Social media has been a tool for various political organisations such as the conservative party in the UK. They collected data on their social media accounts and created an audience profile. They created adverts for certain demographics of people. They also used cookies to follow people on the internet showing different adverts to you. Which in a way can make people decide to vote for a party thinking it was an induvial decision. On the ‘Big question’ on the BBC a labour supporter admitted that the conservative strategy was effective. In which they collected data on people and used separate messages for different age groups.




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