News In Brief articles

Black history month?

Black History month is also known as ‘African-American History Month’ in the United States. It is observed annually in Canada, U.S and the UK. Black history month was first celebrated in the UK in 1987. It was organised by a Ghanaian analyst called “Akyaaba Addai-Sebo”. It is a Month where people look at the history of black people in the U.S. Also many schools look at the history of some African kings. Many historic influential black people are talked about such as Martin Luther king (Junior).  It is a time dedicated to the black community and its early history.

“The Mystery of the Black Dahlia”

In the United States during the 1940s a murder took place and took the American media by storm. It was named by the press “The Mystery of the Black Dahlia” is was a dark joke which was used from a film noire which was called “The blue Dahlia”. The victim Elizabeth Short was chopped in half and left naked. The police received letter from who they presumed the murder from cut out magazine however after numerous arrest the killer was never found.


Big Moe’s Dinner

Are you planning on eating out?

Do you want to eat somewhere out of the norm?

Then I advise you to go to Big Moe’s Dinner.

In London there are many restaurants but only a few have an American dinner theme. One of these restaurants that I enjoyed eating in was ‘Big Moes diner’. I enjoyed the Texan strip Burger. The burger had a unique taste to it. I also enjoyed the chicken stripes as well as the chips.

The location for the Diner is in barking just off the A13. The address is:

3, Newham Leisure Park, Jenkins Ln,

Barking IG11 0AD

While you eat you can hear old classic American songs. There mainly from the 1950s era. The mood is very relaxing and its great place to bring friends. The desserts are good as well. The restaurant does get packed sometimes and it’s best to make a reservation first.


DAPAL and the natives 

In the United States many protesters celebrated the victory on the halt of the “Dakota Access Pipeline” on December 4 2016. Many Americans from the Sioux tribe as well as U.S Veterans and volunteers protested for months. The Pipeline was said to be built under Lake Oahe which is sacred to the Native Americans. Also the pipeline would have been built through an ancient burial site of the Sioux people.

Trumps view on the LQBTQ

During the Trump campaign many remarks made by Mr Trump were seen as racist, sexist and homophobic. Over the many months of the campaign Trump has been seen as a homophobe the LGBTQ community. However during an event Trump said “I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens from the violence and oppression from a hateful foreign ideology”.  This quote shows us in some way Trump might still have respect for this community.

Muslims for Trump?

During this historic election more Muslims from the Muslim community have voted for trump than voting for Mitt Romney last presidential election. Romney received 4.4 Muslim votes while Trump gained 13 percent of votes during the election according to the Council on American-Islamic Relations.


Re-conquest of Mosul 

Towards the end of year the Iraqi government as well as the Kurdish Peshmerga came together to retake Mosul. The ancient city is Iraq’s second largest city and the capital of Isil’s self-proclaimed state. Both the Iraqi army as well as the Kurdish Peshmerga put their differences aside to retake Mosul. A Peshmerga soldier reported to the guardian it would take “within 15-20 days” to retake Mosul if Isil keeps pushing back.




Social media and politics

Social media and politics

After the steady rise of social media and the world being well connected online, politics has now been forever changed. We have seen the recent change after the U.S election. We saw how president Tump used twitter to convey his message. He used social media to his advantage against then democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and won the election.

As social media has connected people from all over the world it has created many problems and solutions for people. Governments can contact other governments and people using a comfortable platform. It can help journalists expose stories that need to be heard. The problem with social media is that everything is saved and a small mistake can be used against anyone. It is easy to hack into accounts using certain apps or software. People can also use social media for criminal activities. For example In Libya a Facebook page was used to sell weapons to warring factions. This incident is one of many across the world.

Social media has been a tool for various political organisations such as the conservative party in the UK. They collected data on their social media accounts and created an audience profile. They created adverts for certain demographics of people. They also used cookies to follow people on the internet showing different adverts to you. Which in a way can make people decide to vote for a party thinking it was an induvial decision. On the ‘Big question’ on the BBC a labour supporter admitted that the conservative strategy was effective. In which they collected data on people and used separate messages for different age groups.



News article/ Westminster Attack

During the afternoon at 2.40pm on Wednesday 22nd of March an individual by the name of Khalid Masood, accelerated driving hired Hyundai SUV at high speeds ramming down people on the Westminster Bridge. Three people were murdered and a victim was thrown into the river. The attacker smashed his car into parliament railings and advanced towards the entrance of the Westminster palace. Mr Masood proceeded to attack two unarmed officers patrolling the yard. An armed officer then shot the attacker. The attacker was killed due to his injury and one of the officers Pc Keith Palmer who was stabbed died as well. The blunt and merciless attack caused the death of 5 people to die including the attacker and 50 people were injured.

The attack caused a shock to people living in London as well as Europe. People were confused and were not sure what happened. The BBC reported that a ‘fire arms incident’ happened in Westminster. The attacker was not identified and was mistaken for Abu Izzaden a hate preacher who was in jail for attempting to travel to Syria he was arrested in Hungary.  Simon Israel a journalist for Channel 4 news retracted his statement after it was made known to him that Abu Izzaden or Trevor Brooks was still in Jail.

After one or two day’s police reported the name of the killer as Adrian Elms however he had many aliases for example as his Muslim name of Khalid Masood. The “Islamic state” accepted responsibility of the Attack.  Mr Masood was born in Dartford in Kent on Christmas Day 1964. He was a married father of three who spent many years moving around the country as well as different prisons. He had a history of violent crimes which included knife possession. After many years of criminality Adrian Elms converted to Islam and adopted the name of Khalid Masood. He was known to security services for violent extremism but he was never seen as a threat. The attack was not on the radar of the security services because he was not on surveillance.

A number of arrests were made across the country and huge amounts of items were seized. The police have stated that they have found no evidence or link between the attacker and the “Islamic state”.  A debate has been started because intelligence services cannot access the attacker’s WhatsApp’s account.

After the attack, Londoners and people across the UK united on twitter against racism and got together to stand for unity and solidarity for the victims.

Prison food

Prison food

Once a man is convicted into Prison he is subjected to many problems which effect his wellbeing and health.  One of them is the food he is provided with. Most convicts are not delighted with the food from outside except on holidays for example Eid or a Jewish food feast. On average a prison catering manager has about £1.87 to provide meals for each inmate every day according to a blog called food reference, the authors is Bill Robinson, HM Prison Governor (retired). We see that only for a small price prisoners are fed. People ask what people eat in Prison. According to a Wikipedia page average prisoner has a 3 day cycle for food so not every day a prisoner would eat the right food.  Some prisons give breakfast pacts in the morning it includes the following:

The prison gives a clear plastic bag containing four loose tea bags, four small sugar sachets, four packets of whitener and a tiny bag of cereal, porridge oats or muesli.

An example of what prisoners might eat on one day:



  • Vegetable supreme
  • Chicken supreme
  • Halal chicken curry
  • Grilledgammon
  • Pork pie salad


The prison system has changed over time very recently because of the diverse population of prisoners. We have even seen the change of diet for food and decrease of fried food.

New Year edition/Syria Aleppo crisis


Syria Aleppo crisis

After 6 years of the Syrian conflict, and the world watching as numerous factions fight for a land engulfed by war, Syria has been left in ruins. At the heart of it all Aleppo, once a great historic city and the economic hub for Syria, has been a battle ground since the Arab spring protests in 2011.

The fighting mainly happened during 2012 and a year later the rebels were able to surround the pro-government areas when fighting in Aleppo. The rebels were able to push the regime into western Aleppo creating a mini siege from the northern countryside as well as the eastern Aleppo part of the city. The rebel held parts of the city were reported being mainly dominated by “Islamist” fighters. Which apparently is the reason why rebel held areas had short skirmishes which caused problems. On the other hand Assad’s regime looked as if they were going to lose Aleppo. However In 2014 huge infighting between rebels as well as the emergence of Isis caused Assad to take back parts of north east Aleppo.  Also Russian backed airstrikes caused rebels to lose land quickly. Which then caused the siege of East Aleppo.  Russian intervention alongside foreign Shia fighters also pushed rebels back in many areas. The siege of Aleppo seemed to be over when rebels lead a full on assault linking rebel held west Aleppo to the east on the iconic Castello road. Russia then pushed on a full on offensive taking back land lost. Destroying the link between east and west Aleppo. They then pushed further into east Aleppo. The crisis of Aleppo was officially known after this. Supplies were being held back and international organisations were getting involved. Many refugees were desperate to leave as Russian led deaths where increasing. Questions were being asked around Russia’s methods of attacks, mainly after causing three thousand or more deaths.  Assad’s forces were being accused of many crimes as well as breaching many planned ceasefires. Russia and Turkey agreed upon a deal that civilians and fighters would be evacuated to Idlib. However this deal was short lived and civilians were told to go back and indiscriminate bombings began to kill more people. Then another deal was made that civilians and fighters would be evacuated to Idlib the last rebel stronghold. The deal was also made that Shia residents move to Fu’aa a known Assad stronghold near Idlib. Assad’s forces took over Aleppo city and hailed the biggest victory which could end the war.

My first news article

A recipe to a delightful biryani

One of the most treasured dishes in the Indian subcontinent was not originally from that part of the world. It was first discovered in Persia it was then introduced to the Indian subcontinent by Mughal traders.  After many years different variations of the dish spread across. To this day the dish is enjoyed all over the world.

Chicken biryani for 3


Fresh ingredients:

  • 2 X tomatoes
  • 3 garlic bulbs
  • 4 X Onions
  • 4 X Green chillies
  • 1 X lemon
  • 20g of fresh ginger
  • Half of a Mint bunch
  • Half of a coriander bunch
  • 1 Baby chicken (or 700g of Boneless chicken)


  • 2 X tea spoons of chilli powder
  • 1 X cardamom
  • 2 X Tea spoons of cumin seeds
  • 1 X Tea spoon of salt
  • ½ a tea spoon of Turmeric powder
  • 6 X clove
  • Half a tea spoon of crushed pepper
  • 1inch cinnamon stick
  • Saffron 15 pieces
  • 4 tamarind
  • 1 tea spoon of coriander powder
  • Half crushed mace

Other ingredients:

  • Food colouring
  • 4 Dry plums

First put 20ml of oil in your pan and heat it

Cut one onion and make sure the slices are thin. Then place those onions in the oil and fry them until they go brown. Once they go brown put them in a plate and leave them on the side.

Peel and dice 3 onions and place it into the pan then add garlic and steer for 2 minutes.

Then add crushed ginger and chop and dice two tomatoes and add it in to your pan. After this put in half a cup of water and add in all spices except the saffron and tamarind.

Cook for 10 minutes, after cooking add in your pieces of chicken and cook for another 20 minutes.

Place 4 green chillies and add 6 tea spoons of tamarind, add dry plums and saffron and cook for 5 to 7 minutes.

Boil and drain the rice in the same pot make a layer of rice and cover it in a layer of chicken with curry. Slice the lemon and leave in top of the chicken. Then sprinkle chopped green coriander and mint.

With the remaining rice place it on top the chicken. Then put on food colouring on top of the rice.

Steam the rice for 15-25 minutes on low heat and then you would be ready to serve.




Evaluation of factual writing

Evaluation on factual writing task:

In this evaluation I will look over my newspaper edition that I created with the help of fellow writers. I worked on the front cover. As well as being a front page editor I was a graphic designer as well designing the front page and choosing its unique colours.

The purpose of writing is to inform and explain what is going on or is happening.  Since the emergence of the Guttenberg press in 1440 mass information has been spread more easily. So we used to write to learn and inform and over the years it was embodied in newspapers. Only a few years ago the only source of information came from newspapers. However this has changed over time due to the internet and online articles we see the Daily Mail now has a website called Mail Online.  Never the less newspapers are still important.

When writing factual content it is important to use facts as well as good sources. Most journalists state their sources and have a non-biased approach to their writing generally. There are a few exceptions where occasionally tabloids write in a biased and sometimes inaccurate way. Regarding more formal factual writing we see that stats are used and referencing to sources. There are various sets of rules that govern the writing of factual content. The ‘NUJ’ code of conduct is a set of rules every journalist abides by. It impacts every journalist in the sense of writing carefully.  A journalist would have to explain sources as well as finding the right information so they would not write something against someone on the grounds of discrimination or harmful inaccuracies. The impacts of going against the ‘NUJ’ can get a journalist fired or sued in court.  When writing any factual pieces a writer like myself has to be aware of being biased. Bias is favouring one side over the other or being prejudiced against a person or group in a way that is unfair. I was keeping my self-aware of what I was writing and if I was going against NUJ’ codes, I decided that I would read over and ask someone else to read over to check if I was making a mistake.

When making a complaint against a magazine or newspaper you would need to contact IPSO. The Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) is an independent organisation which regulates newspaper and magazine content to help protect individual rights and to maintain freedom of expression for the press. This organisation impacts the media in general because if someone writes something which is wrong and causes harm to someone it gives him the write to defend himself from a reporter who is causing big problems. The IPSO code of conduct has 16 main codes. Four important ones are these:

  1. Accuracy: This code is to make sure that your points and sources are accurate. This would mean not publishing misleading pictures, articles or headlines which would mislead people.
  2. Privacy: People are entitled to have some sort of respect for his/her family, private life and photos that are private. Only time journalists are allowed to use photos or interviews with people is with consent.
  3. Children: Minors who are under the age of 18 need permission from parents or carers for interviews, pictures or recordings of videos.
  4. Victims of sexual assault: Names of victims are not allowed to be released or published. The only way to publish names is if it’s legal to so or if there is a justification to do so.



During this project I wrote all my articles for the newspaper front page and adhered to the formal styles expected of factual journalism. The back page was for more informal type of articles that were feature orientated. One of my back page articles that I did for someone else’s edition was about Biryani and how to cook it and a very brief description about its history. However for my social media addition I decided to write about social media and politics in a formal way. The reason for this was because social media has a huge impact on people’s lives, lively hoods and even people’s opinions. Also I was linking it to politics which is a serious subject and is relevant to everyone.

When writing my article I had to keep in mind of three things which was hard to keep focus on. I had to be clear on my point in the beginning. I also had to be correct and accurate. The best way I did this I researched ahead into seeing if my points were right. I checked various news organisations for example CNN and the BBC. One of the mistakes I made was not checking if my team was using accurate information or valid sources. I did not check if other people’s articles were concise.

The news sheet is a project made the media department which is a collection of articles that are published weekly majority of the time.  To see the effectiveness of the news sheet I decided that I would have a focus group with my target audience. I was told that the pictures have an impact on the news story and what the message is. Many of the students talked about how the colours of the sheet look nice and fit with the theme of the edition. Some students thought the stories where very interesting and relates to young people.


  • Organisation into an editorial team

Originally our class was divided on what our interests were so both groups would have an equal number of people who had different roles. So when I was planning my edition for my news sheet I divided the roles between back page and front page. For the front page I decided that I would have 3 articles and nibs. For the back page the editor Lucy allocated roles. This is how I divided it:

Front page editor: Zak

Dimitar – 1 Article 1 Nib

Maryaa – 1 Article

Zak   — 1 Article

Danni – 2 Nibs


Back page editor– Lucy

Keeley- 1 article 2 nibs / feature

Chai-an – 1 article / Fashion

Timi – 1 articles /sports

Lucy – 1 article / Food travel: food bloggers

Abi — 1 article/ entertainment




  • Team meetings to review the news


When my team was together I talked about what my edition was about and explained what I wanted and what everyone was doing. I then talked with each member individually and asked what story they were picking and what they were going to do.


  • Recording of names, dates and content using a spreadsheet


A spreadsheet was created to note down people’s roles and the date when the project started. It is used to organise roles within a group. It helps editors track down or chase writers and know what they are writing about. Noting down dates is important to keep up to date with deadlines as well as

Time management is very important because real newspapers like the guardian create articles daily and if an article is behind schedule it can be scrapped if something new happens. This is why it’s important to meet deadlines. Entire editions or newspaper ideas can be scraped if something new happens and is more recent regarding news.




In my edition the house style was similar to my template.  The texts font was ‘Times New Roman’ and it was regular for all paragraphs except the first. The first paragraph is bold standing out from the rest. Only news on the side was not in bold like the main articles. The colour of the writing is black because all newspapers generally use black for their main articles. The main title’s font was Arial black, the size of the font was 64pt. The problem I had and was criticized was for leaving the space in the main title.

On front page titles such as Daily Mail and The Guardian they do not have a huge gap in a main page title. One the left side of the News sheet there is a small patch of news and information. I changed the colours of the original boxes around the article to the colours of popular media platforms for example YouTube (red) and Facebook (blue). One of the many criticisms was the colours what I selected, I was told they were too bright so I decided that I would dim them down for example the top yellow box it has been dimed to a darker yellow.

I made sure I had a 5 column grid and everything fitted in well. I had to make sure pictures are according to grid and they were not stretched or where not right. On the right I had a picture that I made bigger without stretching the image. However due to the camera I was using and my lack of skills I was not able to create the image I wanted. I made the mistake of not cropping too much but the reason for this was that I did not stretch the picture. The camera I was using did not have a lens which could zoom. However the clear photo was good to use.

An unedited illustration was given for the main story, so I had to crop it to hide the date or the argument made by the article would contradict itself. I tried my best to manipulate the images appropriately for the reader to understand. When my article was being reviewed I realised that the feedback was talking about captions. I realised that I should have kept a caption for the photo. I then added it in for the final piece. Because the writing did not have enough words I framed the photo for the main story to take up the empty space. Quality of the main photo was originally grainy and pixelated.

A writer has to have ambiguity, this means being open to more than one idea or interpretation. The importance of this is to show how balanced your writing is and knowing the facts and giving more than one opinion. There has to be facts with evidence with a reference. In my article I referenced the BBC programme. However due to time I was not able to check all articles references. Whenever writing any article being descriptive on your argument is important.  Emotions always get the better of many whenever we write a paragraph for a newspaper or a post on social media.  Emotions should only be used for an appropriate situation like in magazines of celebrities. This can lead to being bias and can alter the truth. This news sheet is more factual like the metro newspaper which is different from tabloids like the sun.

In my edition one of my roles was to look over spelling, punctuation and grammar as the editor. I looked over the articles given to me I changed the spelling errors and mistakes I even changed sentences to make the text fit in the boxes. I also checked if the articles were accurate or not as well.

Overall for my edition for the front page I believe I worked to my best. There was a lot of improvements that I made after I showed my first draft. I believe that I should have done more to fix the problems with my newspaper. I looked at the criticism it had and I mended it the best I could. However I could not improve it too much to address the problems it had such as the ‘double decker’, headline not being balanced and the layout showing the embodiment of social media.







Research sources

Sources for news articles: 

Consequences of trump being president


Syria Aleppo crisis:


Prison food:


Social media and politics: (question time)


Westminster Attack:




NIBS sources:

“The Mystery of the Black Dahlia”   


Big Moe’s Dinner:


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New Year edition/ conquest of Mosul:


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Factual Writing

Man with shotgun marches down London Street

Published: 14:40, 8 September 2016

The Purpose behind this factual writing is to inform people about events that took place in a part of London. In general Factual writing is informing people with facts and real life things.  Generally factual writing is unbiased. However in this case it is biased against the criminal who attacked to innocent pedestrians.

The message with in the writing is very clear it states an incident that happened in Brixton. It talks about the horror of the incident. It also sends a message to readers to help local authorities to apprehend the suspects. It outlines this by stating “WHO ARE THE SUSPECTS? POLICE WANT TO SPEAK TO 3 MEN”. This shows us that the writer encourages people to contact the police.

The writing itself explains a lot even though it’s short. It pinpoints when the situation occurs it protects the incidents of the victims. The subject is treated professionally and respects the victims. It also tries to help with the situation by asking readers to help investigators.

In the article it shows a video of what happens. The article is based around the footage which captures everything that happens. The video and the article is very similar. The sources used was from authentic places such as hospital records. The writer also quotes official police statements.

The language used is formal and clear. The article is very well explained. The communication between the article and the reader is clear. It includes all the important things that happen and keeps the readers informed.

The illustrations used where screenshots from released footages of what happened that day. The photos have been edited and captions asks the reader to tell the police if they recognise any of the suspects.

Legal issues that the article takes to consideration is not mentioning the names of the people who were injured or showing their identities in the video.













“Obama stands up for Clinton”

In this article, the writer writes the views of the current president Barrack Obama regarding Donald Trump. The writing shows how Obama has support for white house nominee Hillary Clinton. The message within the article points out how Obama is endorsing Hillary and saying she is fit to be his successor.

The article is very accurate because it quotes the president in his interview. It also commentates on his quotes explaining further his views and future actions. You would also know the writing to be accurate because it reference’s previous news such as Hillary Clinton being diagnosed with Pneumonia.

The writing is biased in favour of the Democratic Party. We see this with some words that are in favour of Clinton such as “blasted” this shows that the writer feels more open to the democrats then the republicans. The way the bias writing effects the article is by making it one sided. There is no sentence which shows the response from Donald trump who was “blasted” by Obama. The way it was written can be overlooked. However the article is about Obama so it is centred on his views.

The language used is very powerful and harsh. For example a sentence in the article uses words that describe how predators attack their prey. “Barack Obama ripped into Donald trump…” This quote shows how devastating Obama’s verbal attack was on Donald trump. It makes the audience read on to see what Obama said.

Illustrations can show the reactions of people. It can be effective to show how people responded. The use of the picture shows Obama during his solo camera appearance. The picture reassures the reader that the article is written from Obamas prospective. The picture can also grab the reader’s attention because the picture is of Obama who is a leader of a country and he holds influence over people.

The way the article is designed is very similar to other articles. It has a bold black title on top of the article. The article also has a picture which has a caption next to it.  Even though the article is small it can still gain a reader’s attention. It uses 3 well know names in one sentence. It’s small and brief and can be over read. However the title and illustration can still grab attention.

The writer keeps his article legal and does not involve controversial topics with his writings. The writer does not name children in his article or family members in his work. This is very important because people can sue the newspaper or the writer for it. The writer does not criticise Trump a lot because it could cause problems. However he uses quotes from Barak Obama instead. The quotes the writer uses is in favour of Barak Obama.









Local garden party

Walthamstow garden party leaflet was made to inform people about an event which is aimed at people in the Waltham forest community.

The message within the leaflet is very clear it tells the reader that there is an event for people from all types of ethnicities. It mentions different music artists as well as activities people can go to. It also talks about its free.

The writing does not give a lot of information and it’s very brief. It does not explain age restriction or activities for children. It does however explain the location and what the main activities are.  It focus on informing people that there are wide range of activities.

The writing seems very accurate. It gives dates as well as locations that exist. They show their twitter and Facebook accounts. They also have a website to show announcements however the reader would need to sign up to see updates and a festival guide.

The writing is not biased because it is information about an event that is going to take place. The writing is only stain facts and it does not have a hidden agenda and it is straightforward giving the details.

The language used is formal but very relaxed and open. Only a few paragraphs used to explain the leaflet. This is effective because people don’t like reading long complicated leaflets because it puts them off.

On both sides of the leaflet there are illustrations. The picture on the front side shows the crowd. This shows the reader how many people visit this event and it shows how big the event is going to be. On the leaflet the editor places flowers with bright colours linking it to a “garden” party in the Heading this is because typically there are flowers in gardens. On the other side of the leaflet the picture design is very clever because on the bottom u see a child running and people relaxing. This shows that the event is open for all ages as well as people can relax and enjoy themselves. Another point would be how the editor used the open blue sky for the text. This can also reflect the weather and the mood of things on the day.

The style in which the leaflet was made only uses a few basic colours. This is effective because sometimes to many colours might gain a reader’s attention but it can still put some readers off. The colours are effective because it shows the how the event would be like. The colours can still grab people’s attention even if it’s not bright. It’s an A5 sheet which is easy to carry and keep. The size of writing is balanced and easy to read.

Legal issues the writer and photographer should consider is talking pictures of people with permission. If without permission the organisers could get sued or problems would occur for future events. The writer uses legal addresses and mentions all organises and fundraisers.