News Sheet template

This is a news template that I used to create my news sheet with.  On the template we see the logo on top showing the reader the mastered of the newspaper. This does not change when a new edition is being made. The fonts for the articles and styles do not change. The layout does not change and is there as a model used as a base to create the news sheet. Only three articles can be placed on this page. Bottom right box is where the NIBs would go. On the left small stories or information would be placed there.

The style guide rules on the news sheet is the way the article is setup and how the guide lines are setup. In the template the purple boxes are used to structure how the layout of the content will be. The font being used on the template was ‘Times New Roman’ for the articles. The first paragraphs for the article are in bold. On the side there is a yellow box for different editions the box does not have to have the same colour. In this box the font is different and is Arial. For the front page title is Arial black and its size is 64pt. The purple box under the logo is the title box for the edition, here it would show the name of the edition and extra information such as contact details, social media accounts etc.



Planning News Sheet

For our News sheet we decided that we would plan out how we were going to make our sheet and what editions that we should work on.

We have decided that we would split our team into two and publish our works weekly. This was done to make it easier on publishing work every week and that we can cover more stories and focus one week instead of thinking on the following week. So the way our system would work is one team would work on stories for the week going by and the other team would work a story for the following week. Each team would have their own editions and special features.

One our spread sheet we have a traffic light system to show what we are working on and what we will work on in the future. Green would mean the edition is published, yellow would mean that the edition is being worked on and red means that it would mean it still needs to published.

The roles I had were different for different news editions that we were working on. I was a news writer writing a story about the presidential election and about the consequences of a Trump Presidency. For the social media edition I was a Front page editor. My job was to edit what writers wanted to place for their story on the edition. I also had the job of designing the front page. For the New Year edition my job was to write a small article and a NIB which is a News in brief. This is a news story which is news that has been simplified. For the crime edition I wrote an article on prison food and war crimes. My job was being a writer so I also wrote an article on the murder mystery of the Black Daliea.