E10 News team is a group of freelance journalists and photographers who work together to create news sheets for the locals of Leyton and students at Leyton sixth form college.

The LSC News Team’s target audience will be college students who study at Leyton Sixth Form College. The age of our audience would be from 16-20. This is the same age range of people who are studying at Leyton Sixth form.  Our content would aim for both genders male and female. Our content is aimed at students who are studying both academic and creative subjects in college. Our target audience is a mixture of different ethnicities with different cultures. The statistics in Leyton Sixth Form College shows that there is a high majority of black and Asian students, roughly 32% of the college is Asian and nearly 34% is Black. So our content would provide material that would appeal to those two ethnicities more favourably.

The LSC News Team proposes to create a paper based News sheets which will have content varied to the edition. Previously we published an American Election edition talking about the effects of Trump and Clinton policies for domestic and foreign affairs. We linked the election to Britain and its effects.

The product would be a two sided sheet. The logo would be on the top. Underneath the logo there is a strapline and it would the date and issue number.  Our title would change to the nature of the edition we would be publishing. For example for our social media edition our content was around fake news and social media and its influences on politics. Also each special edition will have a different colour scheme, in our social media edition our colours matched popular social media platforms. The font that is used is ‘Times New Roman’. The first paragraph will be in bold and the rest of the article would be in regular. The typeface that we use is… we will have 2 pages for our editions. The size of the LSC News sheet will be A3 news sheets.

The style of product is formal and modern. We are going to use modern fonts as well as modern current stories. Our product in its very nature is going to be original. A company that we take inspiration from when designing our product would be the well-known free metro. The metro is a newspaper that publishes papers every day for free for the public generally traveling on London transport. Its simple design and short informative articles is a template in making a good News sheet.

To create our E10 News product the team uses InDesign, which is a popular professional software which is compatible in making both online articles as well as print articles. We will be using this because of its features as well as its tools which can help create a news sheet. Many top publications and companies use this software for creating and publishing content. We will also use printers to publish the copies. We will archive our copies online using word press which is a well know blog site used by many companies.

The LSC News Team decided what the set time frame should be. The team will publish weekly the product unless a special edition is going to be published. So our research and articles and layout the design for our front and back pages will all have to be done in a week. We have a team of … who have different skills. So we will divide ourselves and create content relevant to our topic that we will be featuring in our product. The cost of printing 500 copies of one edition will cost £550. Each page would cost £1.10 to print individually.